Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Heart Color Sorting

We are totally psyched for Valentine's Day over here! C and I have been doing all kinds of activities to get into the holiday spirit! If you're looking for some great ideas for incorporating Valentine's Day into your toddlers activities you're in the right place.

 First I would like to share Valentine Heart Color Sorting. You only need three things for this activity and both can be found at The Dollar Tree. It can be done over and over again, so it's frugal and fun! C loves to sort, so we picked up two packs of heart gems from the dollar store. We got a pink pack and a red pack. I set up this activity with a three section divided tray I already had from Dollar Tree, you could get one of these or just simply use two bowls instead. Just put out the hearts, all mixed together, and the tray or bowls.

 Your little one will probably automatically start the sorting process. I like to provide some instruction and begin the activity by putting one of each in each container and making a silly noise as I do. As C sorts we talk about the colors, heart shape, and love.

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