Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sunshine Sandwiches School Lunch

For this school lunch I used my daughters bento box from Bentology and inside I packed some yummy, healthy and adorable goodies!

First I made a couple of sandwiches with Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread, SunButter and chocolate hazelnut spread. I always lightly toast the bread first so it'll be easier to work with. Once I had the sandwiches made I used an "I <3 U" cutter, and a sunshine cutter that came with the Pop Chef set. I was able to make 1 "I <3 U" and 5 sunshine shapes. I used a red food marker to outline the "I <3 U" then I placed them all in a section of the bento box.

In the other sections I put:
- strawberries and kiwi
- a BuddyFruits strawberry apple pouch
- some cheese cubes with an adorable little zebra food pick stuck inside

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