Thursday, January 26, 2017

Magical Butterfly Sandwich Lunch

Here's school lunch #14 that I have made, you can view the previous ones here. For this lunch I decided to make my daughter what I would like to call a Magical Butterfly Sandwich! Kids love sprinkles and adding them to something in the lunch box makes for a great surprise that is sure to make them smile. 

Magical Butterfly Sandwich:
- bread, I like to use Sara Lee Honey Wheat and I also like to lightly toast the bread first to make it easier to work with
- SunButter (or whatever kind of spread you would like)
- chocolate hazelnut butter (or another spread/jam/jelly)
- sprinkles, rainbow color is perfect
- a small cookie cutter, I used the butterfly one that came with my Pop Chef

Step 1: 
Lightly toast your bread, then take one slice and use your small cookie cutter to put the shape wherever you would like it.

Step 2: 
Put your spreads and jams or whatever you chose on the slices of bread, put them sandwich together.

Step 3: 
Shake the sprinkles onto the open spot on the sandwich where you made the cut out in one of the slices of bread. Once you have the whole cut out area covered, shake it over the sink or somewhere to remove the excess. You'll be left with an adorable sandwich! 

In this lunch I also included mandarin oranges, a Babybel, a Fruigees Organic Kalefornia Grape pouch, and some Annie's Organic Bernie's Farm Cheddar Crackers in a Slim Snack.

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