Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunbutter Roll Ups Lunch Idea

School lunch #6 here to give you some inspiration! This one was super simple, fun, and nutritious! Exactly what all us parents, and our kiddos are looking for. Much like the other lunches I have packed, which you can view here

 Inside this lunch you can see there is:
- Sunbutter Rolls Up, which I will share my recipe for below
- A pear, sliced up with some fun pear shapes on top. I just used some little cutters I have in the shape of a boat and a whale to make the little shapes. You can do this with a pear if you cut off a big enough area first.
- an Annie's Organic strawberry yogurt, these are really cute because there's a spot you could write your child's name or a message on the top. I wrote mommy loves Charlie on my daughters
- a pack of Earthbound Farm Organic raisins

(here is is all packed up and ready to go, links for the reusable napkins, and lunch kit can be found in the previous lunch posts)

(Here's what I used to make the lunch, minus the pear!)

SunButter Roll Ups:
- SunButter
- Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, I use the Fresh Thyme brand one, you could use Nutella or anything else you prefer!
- soft shell tortillas, I used the smaller size 

Step 1:
Lay out your tortilla and spread the SunButter all over it with a butter knife. 

Step 2: Now add on some of your chocolaty spread to the middle and smear it around into the SunButter with another butter knife.

Step 3: Roll up the tortilla as tightly as you can. I plan to roll mine a little tighter the next time I make them, to keep it together better when cutting it apart.

Step 4: Use a knife to slice the big roll up into little roll ups! 

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