Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Simple & Cute School Lunch

So! Lots of new things going on since I have last posted, my daughter has started going to a wonderful school and I am determined to make super cute, delicious and nutritious lunches for her to take! And I know that there's lots of parents out there who want to do the same for their children. So I will be posting the lunches that I make for inspiration!

So here's the first one that I made

Inside this lunchbox I put:
- 2 funkins (adorable, Eco-friendly cloth napkins for kids) 
- 2 ice packs, just random ones I've had laying around
- a box of Earthbound Farm organic raisins
- one of these super cute and cool Slim Snacks filled up with Annie's Bernie's Farm Cheddar Crackers inside it
- and this adorable silverware set from Edison Kids, I love it because my daughter loves the cute giraffes, and it's also great because the spoon has a flat edge to help get every bite, and the fork is grooved to better grip the food!
I put some homemade dirt pudding, and two cute little penguin sandwiches, that I made with this Munchkin sandwich cutter

This was very basic, nothing fancy! Here's a picture of most of the stuff I used, and the recipes will follow

(i forgot to add the oreos to the pic!)

Dirt Pudding:
- Chocolate pudding, I used Zen Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding
- Oreos
- Hayden Valley Foods Gummi Worms

Step 1:
Pour a container of the pudding into one of the lunch containers (with a lid) that you have.

Step 2:
Separate some oreos so you have a few just cookies with little/no filling on them. Then crush them up up until they resemble dirt. Add that to your pudding, you can leave it all on top or stir it around a bit. I stirred it in.

Step 3:
Add a gummi worm or two to top it off!

Penguin Sandwiches:
- bread, I like to use Sara Lee Honey Wheat
- SunButter, or peanut butter, whatever kind of butter your child prefers
- Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (I use Fresh Thyme's), or Nutella, or even a jelly or jam would work. You can alter lots of these ideas to better fit your families needs.

Step 1:
The first thing that I do when I am about to make a sandwich for my daughter that has any type of butter/spread on it, or that I'm going to cut into a shape is lightly toast it. So I would suggest step 1 being lightly toasting the bread to get it more ready to work with.

Step 2:
Put on your spreads, jams, and whatever, then close up the sandwich by putting the pieces of bread together. Then you can use a cutter if you would like to make a shape. I used the penguin sandwich cutter from Munchkin that I mentioned earlier. I love cutters that are specific for sandwiches, because they are just the right size not to really waste much of the sandwich, aside from the crust. You could use a cookie cutter however, or even try to make your own shape with a knife.

And there you have it! My first school lunch post! There will be many more to come!

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