Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Elephant Sandwiches & Turkey Wraps Lunch

So for today's lunch I decided to try out something new that I saw on Pinterest, (the turkey wraps) as well as throw in some usual favorites I knew my daughter would love. You can view my previous school lunch posts here.

I used the bento box that I purchased from Bentology to make today's lunch.  I included:
- elephant sandwiches, always a favorite. I use this sandwich cutter from Munchkin to make them. I just lightly toast the bread, and then spread on some SunButter and some chocolate hazelnut spread on, put it together and then use the cutter to make the elephant shapes
- for a little treat I put some Full Circle Organic Honey Graham Teddy Bear Cookies, for added cuteness I put these in a pink reusable baking cup
- a kiwi, diced up for some extra vitamin C to fight off a little cold she's got going on. There is 5 times the amount of vitamin C in a kiwi than there is in an orange!
- 1 turkey wrap. I only included one in this lunch because I was putting a sandwich already, and this turkey I bought already in a package, not straight from the deli so I didn't get to decide how it was cut and it's a little bit on the thick side. With thinner turkey I would have made a few instead of just the one. All you do to make these wraps is lay out a piece of turkey (or a different lunch meat), put on a little slice of Colby Jack cheese (or a different kind if you'd prefer), and a slice of apple. Then you wrap the turkey around the cheese and the apple so they are still sticking out at the top, but it is wrapped up around the bottom. I stuck in a heart food pick to help keep it together and make it cute!

 Here's what I used!

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