Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Simple & Cute School Lunch 2

Here I am with school lunch #2. In case you missed my first one you can view it here

Included in this lunch is:
- a thermos of Full Circle organic cheese ravioli, pick whatever brand you like, heat it up and then put in your child's thermos in the morning when packing their lunch
- a Slim Snack  filled with Glutino yogurt covered pretzels, you can find them in the gluten free aisle at most stores
- a pack of Earthbound Farm organic raisins
- a container filled with halved green grapes, with some fun CutezCute Bento Eyes food picks (pictured below)
- 2 funkins , adorable and Eco-friendly reusable napkins

(a simple and adorable addition to any lunch box is making things look like faces!)

I love for my daughter to have something adorable like that in her lunch box that I know is going to make her smile. Today I did the ravioli as the main dish, grapes for side/fruit, the cheddar crackers and raisins as a little snacky option, and the yogurt covered pretzels as a treat item. My original plan for this lunch had been to do a ravioli and salad, along with grapes and the other items but my daughter wasn't in the mood for a salad today she said. It's important to keep in mind what your child actually wants to eat and will enjoy when you are seeing these ideas out there, always altering them to what works best for your family. I look forward to sharing more awesome lunch inspiration. Who knows, maybe it'll be a salad tomorrow! 

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