Monday, January 9, 2017

Easy School Lunch Idea

School lunch #5! You can view all previous school lunches here

There it is all packed up! As always, had some cute funkins in there. Also used this giraffe lunch kit, and one of these Slim Snacks. 

Here's a look inside the giraffe lunch kit

Sandwich Squares:
- two slices of bread, I like to use Sara Lee honey wheat
- SunButter
- and a chocolate hazelnut spread from Fresh Thyme 
- some food picks, I used princess ones that came in a cupcake baking kit
- a Fun Bites square cutter

To make the sandwich I lightly toasted the bread to get it ready the spreads, and to cut it more easily. Then I put on the SunButter on both sides, then added some of the chocolate hazelnut spread to one side and spread it around. Next I put the sandwich together and used the Fun Bites cutter to get the little squares. To finish it up I put 3 squares on each food pick. Simple and adorable. 

I also put some apple slices with the skin peeled off. The Slim Snack was filled with Annie's Organic Bernie's Farm Cheddar Crackers, and I added an Annie's Organic Swirly Strawberry Really Peely Fruit Tape for a treat that is only made with goodness! 

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