Thursday, January 12, 2017

Throw an Art Gallery Party

My daughter's 4th birthday party also doubled as her first art gallery. The party had a Shopkins theme though, not an art party theme, so this will just be a little post on how I displayed her art, which you could use to display your child's art at their art gallery party as well. If you would like to see the Shopkins party info, you can find it here. If you're in need of more art party ideas, I'm sure Pinterest is overflowing with them!

So as you can see from this photo, I was able to use several of these big easels to display my daughters art work on. These were available to me from the location I rented for her birthday party.

Pretty amazing that all these works of art were made by my daughter who was just turning 4 at the time of this party! She was very proud to show off her works of art to her friends and family in this way.

So, now to share with you how I made the boards. What I did was I went to Dollar Tree and I picked up some of these cardboard poster boards in black. After selecting the pieces of art that we wanted to use, I taped them onto the boards. Then I had my daughter name her pieces of art, just like artists do when their work is in museums. I wrote the name of the piece, and how old she was when she made it right on the boards, with a silver Sharpie. It worked perfectly and showed up very well.

Once the boards were finished, I taped them together in groups of twos, so I could make good use out of the easels that were available to me.

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