Friday, September 26, 2014

Eyeball Squish Bags Contained Sensory Play for Halloween

My daughter loves squish bags! I made these last year for one of the favors given out at her Halloween party. They were very easy to make and I thought they were super cute, and extra squishy!
Take a look.

What kid wouldn't love one of these?

What you'll need to make them:
-Sandwich sized Ziploc bags
- Clear hair gel (can purchase this at dollar store)
- Food coloring, whatever colors you want. I only have pictures of orange and blue, but I also made neon green, yellow, and pink/red. I tried to give kids their favorite color.
- I added a few squishy eyeballs to each bag. They are relatively cheap, about $2 for 12 of them. Not bad. They're at Party City every year around Halloween time. Here's a link also for all you online shoppers

I promise you, kids will love these! You probably won't be able to resist playing with one yourself.

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