Thursday, November 12, 2015

Invitation to Create: Playdough Turkeys

I haven't posted an invitation to create in a while, so here is one I made for my daughter for our week or turkey themed lesson plans. Isn't it cute?

To recreate this invitation to play you'll need a plate like the one in the picture, you can find them at Dollar Tree. Then put the playdough in the middle, we usually make our own but we got some Softee Dough as a gift and decided to just use that. Then in the sections around it put feathers, googly eyes, cut up pipe cleaners, and orange craft foam triangles I cut out. Also have out some playdough tools on the table for your child to have even more creative freedom.

This is all great for fine motor skills, sticking the feathers and other little pieces in the playdough, and using the tools.

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