Friday, March 10, 2017

Pizza & Sandwich Bento

This lunch combines two of my daughters favorites: sandwich squares, and little make your own mini pizzas. 

I used my daughter's Bentology bento box for this lunch, but I took out one of the sections and put a pack of Shopkins fruit snacks there instead for a surprise treat.

Make Your Own Mini Pizzas:
- Crackers, my daughter likes Ritz crackers for the mini pizzas
- Pepperoni
- Cheese, we use Imo's cheese for this, it's tastier and easier to manage than shredded cheese
- You could also add a small little dip container of pizza sauce if that is something your child would like, my daughter doesn't like sauce for these mini pizzas

I packed the pepperoni and cheese in a little reusable baking cup, and the crackers on the side in one of the bento box sections.

In the other bento box sections I have sandwich squares, and some peaches with little giraffe food picks stuck in them for added cuteness.

Sandwich Squares:
- Bread, I like to use Sara Lee Honey Wheat and I lightly toast it first to make it easier to work with
- Spreads, I use both SunButter and chocolate hazelnut spread
- FunBites cutter  if you don't have one of these you can try and make your own squares using a knife

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