Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Themed School Lunch #3

For a lot of my Fall themed lunches this month I'm trying to make them look Halloweeny. For this one I found a spooky idea on Pinterest and used it, with a few of my own ideas as well. For more details look below, and to view my other Fall themed lunches click here.

In this lunch I packed:
- sandwich squares, made Halloweeny with some jack-o-lantern food picks.
- a little container of mandarin oranges, which I tried to draw a jack-o-lantern face on but my marker wouldn't work because they had been in the fridge. So if you're wanting to put a spooky face on your mandarin oranges, leave them out of the fridge.
- Used Band Aids, the idea I got from Pinterest. I used honey graham crackers, Trader Joe's whipped cream cheese, and some strawberry jam to make them.
- A few Trader Joe's pumpkin spice cookies
- A package of pita bite crackers and hummus
- Some Trader Joe's Orange Peach Mango juice in a little container with a skeleton straw to go with it

Sandwich Squares:
- Bread
- Your sandwich fillers (use whatever your kiddo likes, I used SunButter and chocolate hazelnut spread
- A FunBites cutter, you can purchase one here

Step 1: Lightly toast your bread (or not, but it's what I like to do when I'm working with spreads and cutters)
Step 2: Assemble the sandwich with whatever you've chosen
Step 3: Use your FunBites cutter and you'll have some perfect little squares in no time!
Step 4: Stick the squares on some jack-o-lantern food picks, or other Halloween food picks for added cuteness and holiday fun!

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