Sunday, June 1, 2014

Roses & Petals Water Play/Science

My daughter always enjoys water play, and so do many other kids. Finding new things to incorporate in our water plays always makes us happy. Rose petals make a great addition to a sensory bin that's filled with water. We had yellow and pink rose petals from my mother's day flowers so we used those.

I let my daughter have a chance to peel the petals apart and add them to the water.

This was a great sensory experience for her, and a good science lesson too. She took all the petals off of one rose and asked what the parts left over were called. We looked it up together and found out which part was the "hip" and which were the "anthers"

Once all the petals, and some whole roses were in the water she really enjoyed feeling them wet. She'd splash them around and say they were getting a bath. Then, more science was happening! We decided to talk about whether or not the petals and the roses floated. She also discovered she could squeeze some water out of the petals. So much fun!

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