Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

This year I'm calling our summer bucket list "making the most of our summer"

There is so few summers while our kids are still small and they go by so quickly, I feel that it's important to have the most fun and make as memories as you can. That's why I think it's a good idea to make a list at the beginning of the season of all the things you'd like to accomplish so you can stay on track and feel a sense of accomplishment (and also instill that in your child) when you check things off the list! But anyways, here's our summer bucket list. Hopefully it gives you a few fun ideas of things you'd like to do as well to make the most of YOUR summer with your kids too!

  • Go fishing
  • Learn about the summer solstice. You can do this by checking out some books from the library, watching videos online, and then doing some sensory play or crafts to bring what you've learned full circle.
  • Go mini golfing
  • Make a bird feeder. There are so many cute ways to make bird feeders, you can simply put some peanut butter and birdseed on a paper towel tube or find a more crafty option if you'd like. We're going to try this one this summer.
  • Go to the zoo. You can even make or print a scavenger hunt form for the trip! 
  • Ice chalk. It's very simple to make, you just mix equal parts corn starch and water, a little bit of dish soap, and a few drops of food coloring, then pour it into an ice tray and let it freeze! It's great to cool down with on a hot day.
  • Make popsicles. I've made some with just pureed strawberries when my daughter was a baby, if you have a baby just freezing any purees they have had, or breast milk works great for them! I usually make popsicles now with coconut water and pieces of fruit stuck in. Or pureed fruit and vegan yogurt, nut butters and fruit (sometimes even spinach blended in)! The varieties are endless.
  • Chalk paint. The same recipe as for the ice chalk, you just don't freeze it! 
  • Shaving cream and ice sensory play. Best thing ever to cool down on a hot day, even as an adult I love it. Here's a link to one of ours we've done 
  • Have a picnic
  • Do a beach/ocean themed unit
  • Go to a water park
  • Do a fairy tale themed unit
  • Celebrate International Mud Day, June 29th

  • Feed ducks
  • Swimming
  • Visit a petting zoo
  • Camping
  • Have an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • Make tie dye shirts
  • Take some chalk art pictures
  • Participate in a summer reading program at a local library
  • Bird watch
  • Take a hike
  • Grow a sunflower

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