Sunday, July 6, 2014

International Kissing Day Messy Sensory Play

In honor of International Kissing Day today I made this adorable messy play sensory bin for my daughter! It was great to take outside and beat the heat with since there are ice cubes involved! 

Isn't it adorable?

My daughter got right into exploring it, feeling the ice cubes and squeezing them through her hands with the shaving cream. She's done this type of play before so she knows what to do!

Looking at the ice cubes as they start to melt.

Even once they all melt the shaving cream and water mixture is cold and fun to play with for a long while after!

To make this bin you'll need:
- A bin
- Shaving cream
- A ice cube tray of lips
- Water
- Hot pink food coloring

All you need to do is fill the ice cube trays with water, add in some pink food coloring to each and stir it in. Then pop those in the freezer. Once frozen, fill your sensory bin with shaving cream. Then put the lip ice cubes on top of the shaving cream.

Take this bin outside, set on top of a towel if you want. Bring out some paper towels and have the kids wear some tshirts or something in case the food coloring stains. Clean up is easy everything will wipe off with a paper towel. Then you can rinse the contents of the bin off in the sink and it'll all go right down the drain.

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