Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Patriotic Messy Noodles Sensory Play

I made this last year and am not able to find a picture of just the bin set up before the kids got into! I appoligize, but I think you'll still get this gist from these!

So, cooked angel hair pasta is a wonderfully messy sensory play activity and it can be turned patriotic which makes it perfect for the 4th of July tomorrow!

It's really easy to make too.

Step 1:
Cook an entire box of angel hair pasta.

Step 2:
Drain it, and let it cool a little bit. You don't have to wait until it's completely cooled though.

Step 3:
Divide it into three sections for your red, "white" and blue.

Step 4:
Get out 2 gallon size Ziploc bags. Add one section of your cooked pasta to one bag, and another to the other. These will become your red and your blue.

Step 5:
Add in a little bit of vegetable oil to each bag mix it around a bit to coat the noodles. Then squirt in quite a few drops of red food coloring into the first bag and zip it up and shake/squeeze the bag all around to coat all the noodles with color. This part is fun to have little ones help with! Repeat with blue food coloring for the next bag.

Step 6:
On separate pieces of foil paper, laid out in a sunny spot, put the colored pasta to dry.

Step 7:
Once dry put in the bin in a red, white and blue order.

Step 8:
Let the kids play with it and watch them be amazed and have so much fun!

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