Thursday, July 3, 2014

Smiley Face Tape Resist

Is this not adorable?

My daughter loves doing tape resist painting, and this great idea came to me one day! Smiley face tape resists! I got out a piece of white cardstock paper and some masking tape. I ripped off some pieces of masking tape for the two eyes of the smiley face, and then I ripped some more off for the mouth. Putting the mouth on curved for a smiley face was a bit more challenging then the eyes were, but I just curved in some places and overlapped a bit. It turned out so cute after it was all finished.

Once the tape was on I gave it to my daughter along with some yellow paint! She got to work finger painting all over it, covering the whole page, just as she was supposed to do!

Once your child is finished painting let the artwork dry. Once it's dry carefully peel off the tape to reveal the gorgeous smiley face!

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