Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kindergarten School Lunch #11

For this school lunch I combined several of my daughters delicious and nutritious favorites. Super simple to make, and fun to eat! Look below for more details on this lunch, and click here to view my previous school lunches. 

As I said I packed delicious and nutritious favorites. Those were sandwich squares, cut up fruit (kiwis and strawberries), a cheese stick, and an Honest Kids Organic Appley Ever After juice.

Sandwich Squares:
- bread
- your sandwich fillers (I often use SunButter and some kind of jam or other spread along with it, you can use whatever stuff your kiddo likes)
- a FunBites cutter, you can purchase one here

Step 1: Lightly toast your bread (or not, but it's what I like to do when I'm working with spreads and cutters)
Step 2: Assemble the sandwich with whatever you've chosen.
Step 3: Use your FunBites cutter and you'll have some super cute little squares in no time.

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