Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Tree & Snowman School Lunch

'Tis the season for festive school lunches! I made this one with the hopes of getting my daughter in the Christmas spirit (as if she isn't already) when she opens her lunch at school!

Christmas Tree Sandwich:
- Honey Wheat Bread
- Sandwich fillers of your choosing (I used SunButter and a chocolate hazelnut spread because those are my daughters favorites)
- Food safe markers
- A Christmas tree cookie cutter

All you need to do to make this sandwich is lightly toast your bread (optional, but it makes it easier to work with), assemble it how you normally would and then use a Christmas tree cookie cutter to get the shape you're looking for! To make it look even more like a tree all decorated for Christmas, use some food safe markers to add some green around the edges, and some strings of lights/ornaments, perhaps a star on top. It can be made in just minutes and looks so festive and adorable!

Cheese Stick Snowman:
- Cheese stick
- Sharpies (black, orange, and blue)

All you need to do to make this is take your cheese stick (still in the wrapper of course) and use the Sharpies to decorate it like a snowman. Such an easy and adorable thing to do!

Also included in this lunch was:
- Green grapes (green for Christmas, combined with strawberries would be cute too for that red and green vibe, but ours were nasty looking so I left them out and threw them away instead!)
-  An Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice

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