Friday, August 1, 2014

Abstract Tiger Painting

Here I am to share another wonderful idea on how your little one can make beautiful works of art with things other than paint brushes! Today I'm sharing how they can make Abstract Tigers with a loofah or bath poof. You can purchase these in the perfect size for painting, in packs of three, at Dollar Tree.

Now, to set up the painting session you'll need:
- Paper
- Washable Tempera paint in black, orange, and yellow
- A loofah or bath poof

I put our paint on a paper plate this time.

Your little one will see the set up and get right to work. As you can see mine did a bit of finger painting at first, which was great! This is definitely a process art since it is an abstract and for young kids.

Hers really ended up looking good I think. I love the lines in it that the loofah created, and her dabs of finger painting added to it as well!

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