Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Glamorous Petting Zoo Sensory Bin

I've got a very fancy little girl who loves pink! So, just for her I set up this Glamorous Petting Zoo sensory bin/small world. She LOVED it and I bet your kids would too.

All you need is:
- A sensory bin
- Colored/floral scented Epsom Salt (purchased from Dollar Tree)
- Some Little People (or whatever kind) petting zoo animal figurines
- Things to represent their food, we again had Little People stuff, but play food from your child's kitchen would work just as well if it's all you've got

Pour the Epsom Salt in the bin and then add in the cute little animals and food. You can also give your child some Little People (or other doll/person figures) to play with in the petting zoo, to feed the animals, and pet them, etc. Their little imaginations will just soar with this bin!

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