Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weather Word Wall

We've been studying weather recently for tot school. Here's the word wall I made to go along with the unit.

I thought it was so cute. To make a word wall similar to this you'll most importantly need a bulletin board. Other specifics I used:
- light blue construction paper for the title
- white index cards for the words
- a black Sharpie to write everything
- thumbtacks of course to put the words up
- cloud scissors

What made it was so cute was how all the weather words looked like clouds thanks to the cloud scissors. The words were:
- Accumulation
- Atmosphere
- Breeze
- Climate
- Cloudy
- Dew
- Drizzle
- Drought
- Fair
- Fog
- Flood
- Forecast
- Front
- Frost
- Gust
- Humid
- Jet Stream
- Lightning
- Precipitation
- Pressure
- Temperature
- Thunder
- Rain
- Snow
- Wind

Some more good words to add would be Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, sleet, hail, icicles, climate, things like that.

My daughter and I went over these words a lot and she really enjoyed learning about them. She'd want my explanation/definition of each of the words. Then I could ask her questions about them and she'd answer. It was a very informative word wall when using my prior knowledge to weather, and things we learned in books together during this unit.

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