Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pretend Play: Eye Doctor

Pretend play is so important for young children. It gets them using their imaginations and it helps them to act out scenarios that they will face in real life so they have lots of practice them. Helping kids to pretend play different types of doctors is a very popular thing to do. The thought is that if they get to inflict what will happen to them they will be less hesitant to have it happen to them in real life. Now, this was last year and my daughter was a good ways away from going to the eye doctor herself, but still lots of fun.

Here you can see she's at her table and she has what she needs for eye doctoring and her patient is getting worked on. She's got the eye chart and the otoscope from her pretend play doctor kit. If you don't have one yet, here's where you can buy the one we have. There's also several pairs of glasses that we use for dress up. They're not actual eye glasses, they're more like protective glasses, shutter shades, and 3D movie glasses. Anything of the sort you have, sunglasses even,w ill work just fine.

To make it more realistic, while my girl was doctoring Minnie she had two other patients in the waiting room. (Stuffed animals or dolls put into chairs nearby).

Doesn't Minnie look so cool with her new glasses?

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