Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Witch's Bath

Throwing together a magical Halloween bath that will delight your child is really not that hard of a thing to do! In this post I am going to share with you how to create a Witch's Bath.

What you'll need is:
- Witch's hat
- Witch's hat's craft foam cut outs (can get them from a pack of Halloween craft foam cut outs from Dollar Tree or cut your own)
- Plastic cauldron
- Shaving cream
- Black, neon green, and neon pink food coloring
- Gentle bubble bath
- Plastic bowl
- Make up brush or paint brush
- Black crepe paper
- Tape

First step is to fill up the tub and add in some neon green food coloring to give the water some witchy color. Then you can tape up some strands of black crepe paper to the wall, and stick the craft foam witch hat's to the tub.

Now, to make the bubbling witches brew this is what you do:
Take the cauldron and fill it up with a little bit of water (from the bath tub faucet) and add in some bubble bath. Then add more running water to the cauldron to help make the bubbles come. Put a few drops of the neon pink food coloring on top of the bubbles and use your hand to make the color go throughout the bubbles. Should look like this.

Now you can make the Black Witch Bath Paint. All you need to do is put some shaving cream into the plastic bowl you've got, then add in a few drops of black food coloring. Mix in with the make up brush or paint brush. I used the paint to write "Witch" on the wall of the tub to add in some more decor and literacy learning.

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