Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bird Themed Sensory Bath

So, this is by no means like some of my other very thought out themed baths I have posted in the past. My daughter asked me right at bath time the other night to make her a bird themed bath, and I'm going to share my impromptu ideas with you, because she actually did like it a lot!

First for the paint. I made the bath paint by mixing shaving cream and some blue food coloring in a little bowl with a paint brush. I chose blue because I was thinking blue bird. Then I stuck in some feathers that we had in our craft bin, and put it out on the side of the tub with a little owl bath toy.

Then what made a really cool sensory experience and made me decide to share was the feathers in the water. Not to mention how beautiful they looked when floating!

A big part of sensory play for kids is discovering new tactile sensations they haven't experienced before. Feathers in water is surely a pretty rare one. So, you can add feathers to a bath of yours for a simple bird themed sensory bath like this, or just put some feathers into a bin of water for some water play featuring a new sensory experience.

As you may have noticed I colored the water a bit, and it's not pictured by I also tossed in some plastic eggs because we have them out since Easter is coming up, and hey birds do come from eggs! Plastic Easter eggs always make a great addition to a bath, and I can't wait to do my daughters bath filled with them on Easter!

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