Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our Family Foot Book 2015

I feel so bad for taking so long to post this, but it's a time consuming post and I just couldn't get around to it until now! I know I said on IG that this would be up like the night we did it..but yeah, life happens! But, this is an activity that we do annually, every Dr. Seuss Day. 

We make a family foot book inspired by the Dr. Seuss Foot Book. I gather some ideas for footprint crafts from Pinterest, and I come up with some on my own. I use some of the lines from the Foot Book and then come up with the rest. I like to make it rhyme.

This year I put my daughter's foot prints together to make a heart shape and then used a Sharpie to make the outline of a heart around them. I of course wrote the title "Our Family Foot Book 2015."

 I started with "left foot, left foot, left foot" like in the book by doing my daughters left foot print three times in a row on one page.
 Then came "right". My daughter insisted on using "disco paint" for it.
 Then I did the "red feet" line with each of her feet red foot prints.
 I let her pick when she wanted me to do my footprints and she chose me to do the "black feet" line so I did each of my feet in black.
 Then I came up with some lines. I came up with this footprint idea on my own too, "A foot at night" was a blue foot print horizontally on the page like it's laying down. Then I painted some silver stars on it, and a yellow crescent moon next to it. I wanted to give it a night cap but didn't want to risk painting it and messing the whole thing up.
 Then to rhyme with it I did "feet that take flight" The butterfly footprints however were an idea I saw on Pinterest.
 Then we did "mommy has a big foot" with my purple footprint horizontally on the page.
 Then "Charlie has a little foot" in purple horizontally on the page.
She wanted my foot in green for the "one foot"

 Her feet in pink for the "two feet"
 I saw this footprint craft on Pinterest, but came up with the rhymes myself. "An ice cream foot that is super sweet"
 "A rainbow foot that can't be beat." For this one I painted her foot one color at a time in the colors of a rainbow from red at the toes to purple on the heel.
 Saw this footprint idea on Pinterest. "A bird foot going tweet" again, my wording though. Just painted her foot brown, did the footprint, then used some red paint to give the bird a belly, feet, and a beak. Used a Sharpie for the eye once it was dry.
 "A car foot going down the street" I used blue paint for her foot and put it on the page horizontally. Once it was dry I used a Sharpie to give it some wheels, then used silver paint to add to the wheels. Sharpie made the lines for the road, then yellow paint made the dashes on the road and the headlight for the car.
 Saw this footprint on Pinterest, wording is from me. "There's the foot of a little lady"
 "and one that is shady" This footprint was my idea and a really good one, but it was a bad time when I was adding the details to this one so it didn't turn out as perfect looking as it could have. I did her footprint in yellow horizontally on the page, then once it dried I used a Sharpie to draw sunglasses on the foot's "face" used blue paint to make an ocean, brown paint to be sand that the foot was laying on, and red paint to make an umbrella for the foot to be under. Used Sharpie to make some dots on the brown paint to make it look more like sand,
Finally, I did my foot in red and her foot in white on top of mine so it would show up, and wrote "Our families feet are pretty neat"

You'll notice I alternated every now and then as to which foot I was doing prints of so both were represented a fair amount.

After every page was completed and dried I used a glue stick to glue the pages together in twos, in order. Then I stapled all the pages together to make it into a book.

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