Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star Sandwich & Fruit Kabob

Are these super cute or what?! My daughter woofed down one and then asked for another! 

Presenting food to children in a visually appealing and bite sized fun way can encourage them to eat more. These kabobs are very nutritious, I'll add the recipe below.

Star Sandwich & Fruit Kabob 

- whole wheat or honey wheat bread
- organic almond butter (or whatever spread you'd prefer)
- organic raspberry jam (again, whatever you'd prefer)
- some rather large strawberries

Also, you will need a PopChef for this, or a small star shaped cookie cutter. Bamboo skewers come with the PopChef or you can purchase your own too.

I always lightly toast the bread when I'm making my daughter a sandwich, for a few reasons. The warmth of the bread helps spreads to smooth out, the light toasting helps it to keep it's shape and not tear or look silly when I'm using cookie cutters or the PopChef on it.

So after you've lightly toasted your bread, put some almond butter on both sides. Then smear some of the jam onto one side of the bread. Close the sandwich, put it on a clean surface and push it together a bit making it as big and together as it can be. Then use your PopChef or small star cookie cutter and make as many stars out of it as you can.

Wash your strawberries, and you'll probably want to cut them lengthwise two or three times and then make stars out of each of those pieces. Do your strawberries however will get you the most stars.

Then put them on a bamboo skewer in alternating order, give to your kiddo, watch their face light up and enjoy!

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