Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Magic Tree House Dawn of The Dinosaurs Themed Bath

Every evening now I read my daughter a couple chapter books every night and we've started the Magic Tree House series. I decided to make my daughter a bath themed on the first book Dawn of the Dinosaurs. She really enjoyed it and thought it was really cute! The pictures aren't the greatest, the lighting was bad but you'll get the gist. 

I wanted the bath to be like when Jack and Annie are in dinosaur time, and that involves the tree house being in the background. It's also what provided a lot of pretend play for my daughter. So I made some brown bath paint with some shaving cream and washable brown tempera paint and painted the tree house on the wall as closely as I could to how it looked in the book. I also painted some trees around it. I made green bath paint for the tops of the trees with some neon green food coloring and shaving cream. For the ladder to the tree house I just used plain black washable tempera paint and a small paint brush to get them on there over top of the brown bath paint tree house.

I had the water neon green too but like I said the lighting was bad and colors didn't come across very well.

As you can see in the above picture I added a couple plastic dinosaur figures of dinosaurs that are in the book. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.

I also wanted to add some more concepts from the book, to make the bath more realistic and give it all that more detail for the pretend play. So with golden craft foam, scissors, and a Sharpie I made the letter "M" medallion that Jack found in dinosaur time, and with a piece of purple craft foam, scissors and a Sharpie I made a little rectangle for "Jack's Journal" where he writes down the information he gathers.

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