Sunday, May 24, 2015

Painting Bird Houses

One of my favorite Spring activities to do with my daughter is paint bird houses. They make such a cute decoration for indoors or outdoors in the Spring time, and if you put them outside you just might get to see some real birds hanging out. Observing nature is always fun for kids, and being outside enjoying nature actually reduces stress levels in kids. 

This is the first bird house my daughter painted. I purchased both of the wooden bird houses from Michael's. They had varying sizes, ones with hooks and ones without. The choice is yours. I wanted to keep ours inside so the hanging factor didn't matter much to me, but if you want to put yours in a tree you may want to opt for that.

If you're interested in the paint smock it's also from Michael's, and the flower paint tray is from Hobby Lobby.

I let her pick the colors she wanted, squirted them in her paint tray, and let her get to it. I emphasized covering the whole thing in paint and made sure to ask her if she wanted other colors for other parts and we talked about how she was designing it.

Then she painted a littler one, and she asked for white paint, metallic purple, and sparkly party paint (all tempera paints from Michael's). They made a beautiful combination.

If you're wanting to put your bird houses outside you'll probably want to spray them with some sort of finishing spray to help the paint stay on.

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