Friday, May 15, 2015

Star Wars Bento

So, I'll say right away that this isn't perfect by any means. My food pen got messed up a bit with the bread for Yoda's face, but my daughter didn't care and thought it was adorable. That's how kids are! :)  

I made this Star Wars Bento for my daughter on May the 4th and told her (may the forth be with you). So this is a bento that's great for a fun way to spruce up lunch on that holiday, but many kids would love to see this in their bento box anytime of the year.

For the Yoda sandwich I lightly toasted two pieces of bread, and then put them on a chopping mat and used a sharp knife to very carefully cut out the shape of his head. Then I put some nut butter and jam on it and closed it up. I got out my green food pen and tried my best to give him his facial features to make him look more like Yoda.

I also made some light-sabers for her dessert and added them into the bento box. I put two in a compartment by themselves, but also two next to Yoda. To make the lightsabers you just need some pretzel sticks (I used Glutino Pretzels), and some vanilla icing and food coloring in the colors you'd like (I used neon pink and neon green per my daughters request). All you do is put a little bit of the icing into two small bowls and then add in a few drops of the food coloring to each, stir it in, then roll one half of the pretzels through it. And you have lightsabers. As you see I crossed them over each other. I also put the folded up paper towels and put them under the sandwich and cheese words so they'd be higher up and visible for a picture and more ascetically pleasing for my daughter.

For the cheese words that say "Star Wars" I used a piece of dutch goat cheese and these cutters 

Then I just threw in some fruit (strawberries and raspberries), could be anything.

And there you have it, it's that simple!

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