Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sofia The First Glitter Sensory Bin

So I had some uncooked pasta that was spilled on to the floor and we weren't going to be cooking it after that so I thought I'd save it for making necklaces or sensory play or something like that. The only problem is these aren't the kind of noodles I would buy for that purpose, they were whole grain so they were darker and harder to dye and have the color show up well. But they still turned out pretty cute and my daughter liked the bin. 

To dye the uncooked noodles you put them into a large Ziploc bag, add a little bit of alcohol and shake it up to coat the noodles, then the food coloring, adding more until you get the color you want. Like I mentioned noodles that aren't whole grain are much easier to dye and get vibrant color out of. When they are still wet you can shake some glitter into the bag and shake it around as well. Then pour them out onto a piece of foil and let it dry, I often sit them in the sun for the drying process.

Then I put them into a purple plastic bin, and then added the Sofia the First characters that we have. 

It was a good way for her interest in these to spark up again and have some fun pretend play with them!

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