Sunday, August 30, 2015

Books for Human Body Lessons

We've been doing a human body theme in our homeschool preschool right now and I wanted to make a list of some of our favorite human body books if others are looking for good ones to add to their homeschool libraries. 

On the first day of the theme I put all these books out on display.

These books are so great for my daughter to learn about her body with. 

We read about baby brains at our outside classroom area and brought a baby doll with us for the fun of course. My daughter loves everything to do with babies so this was a particularly interesting lesson for her.

On the day we were going to be reading the Respiratory System book I wrote a morning message about how we have bronchioles in our lungs, I was so proud of how my daughter copied down her new big science vocabulary word. 

I hope you can have some similar great experiences with these books!

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