Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nature Study Rock Drawing

As part of our preschool schedule we have Nature Study. My daughter has a science journal that we also use for our nature study since that is a part of science. In this journal she draws and records her experiments and nature findings. Yesterday we went out and gathered some rocks that she then inspected with her magnifying glass, and drew in her science journal.

I let her pick the rocks and use the magnifying glass all on her own, but we would talk about the different colors of the rocks, and how some would have "spots" on them and thought about what they could be. This is a very simple introduction to rocks activity in the beginning of a rock themed nature study/science unit I plan on beginning.

I will always cherish her drawings from preschool. These are her renditions of the rocks she found and looked at.

I hadn't yet when I took this picture, but if you do the same type of thing with your child be sure to add the date and maybe a quick summary of what you guys were doing so you always remember. Any quotes from your kids would also be great, and for older kids they can write their own description of the rocks.

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