Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jitter Glitter Card (for kids first day of school)

Lots of kids are going back to school this time of year, my nephew just did last week. I was wanting to send him something in the mail to let him know we were thinking of him and hoped he had a great first day. I'm sure lots of aunts and uncles or grandparents would love to do the same and are looking for similar things. I ended up finding a Jitter Glitter poem on Pinterest (I'm not sure what the original source was/who wrote it, there's lots of them on Pinterest) but I wrote almost all of the poem down on a card. The last bit was about the teacher seeing them on the first day too, so I left that out since I'm not his teacher. I liked writing it on a card myself instead of just printing it out because it feels more personal that way.

The night before school is exciting and fun
with so many things that just have to be done.

Your clothes are all ready your backpack is too.
And your classroom is waiting with fun things to do.

There are so many questions that go through your mind,
All types of thoughts, some of every kind.

The day before school we all get the jitters down deep,
Making it really hard for us to fall fast asleep.

So here is some jitter glitter, it's really quite cool,
It's something to help you be ready for school.

Just sprinkle this glitter under your pillow in the night,
Before school starts, when you lay down your head.

The glitter will help you to sleep through the night, 
Letting you wake up feeling fresh and bright!

Then I put some glitter in a tiny ziploc type of bag that you get for an extra button on a coat and signed it after taking a picture. Stuck the bag inside the card, put the card in the envelope, addressed it and mailed it!

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