Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Beauty & The Beast Rose Inspired Craft

This past weekend we took our daughter to go see Beauty & The Beast the musical at an outdoor amphitheater. It inspired me to make a craft based on it! I did a search on Pinterest for Beauty and the Beast crafts and I wasn't too impressed by the options so we came up with our own. 

I thought about how the rose is an important part of the Beauty and the Beast story and then I remembered buying artificial rose petals at Dollar Tree in February for some Valentine's sensory play. I thought they'd be perfect to make her own process art rose. This art project wasn't about the product of making some perfect rose but more about the process, which is important for kids to explore.

 I had my computer there with a picture of the rose from Beauty and the Beast for inspiration so she could look at it. This craft also gave her an opportunity to work on her gluing skills.

She told me she was putting them on in a "pattern" and she alternated colors as so (pink, red, pink, red, etc.)

 Here's her finished product after a day of drying time. As you can see even though the glue is dried you can still see it's effects in some places. It's beautiful either way, but maybe using a glue stick in the future would be better for this instead of liquid glue.

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