Thursday, August 13, 2015

Friendship Day Aprons (a play date craft for kids)

Friendship day is on August 2nd every year, and as you can these aprons are from 2013, but we made them on friendship day that year and I had them posted on my old blog but hadn't gotten around to putting them on this one yet, so here they are. I realize friendship day has already passed this year, but these aprons are practical and a great craft to make with toddler/preschooler or older kids and their friends together at a play date! My daughter still wears hers when she helps in the kitchen.

You can purchase little cloth aprons like these at a craft store, as well as the iron ons, and fabric paint. You might also want to purchase a fabric marker to write the names/year or whatever you'd like on there but we just used a Sharpie.

I picked Minnie and Mickey hugging because both of the kids liked those characters and they're a boy and a girl hugging which represented my girl and the little boy we made them with! I ironed those on ahead of time and then when the kids were having their play date we painted their hands with the fabric paint and then did their hand prints on the aprons.

I wanted both sets of hands on my daughters so I did hers on the top under the iron on, then I wrote "Friendship Day 2013" then had my friend do her sons hand prints under that and then I wrote their names underneath at the bottom.

My friend wanted her sons apron differently, she wrote up above the iron on and then put one of each of their hand prints next to each others with their names underneath.

I think both of the aprons turned out totally cute and this is a great craft for kids and their friends!

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