Saturday, August 12, 2017

Before School Breakfast #1 w/ Jelly Toast Squares

As you may already know I post lots of healthy school lunch ideas, which you can view here, but I'm also a big proponent of providing kids with nutritious and delicious breakfasts before they head off to their busy school days. So, I'm going to also be posting some ideas for that as well, in addition to posting school lunches! 

Here's #1: Cheesy scrambled eggs, jelly toast squares, and slices of avocado and banana. 

So, making this was pretty quick and easy, which of course is important for busy parents in the mornings. I just scrambled some eggs with some cheese (made enough for me to have some as well!), and sliced up a banana and an avocado and gave her some of each. For the funnest and yummiest part I decided to make some cute little Jelly Toast Squares. You can make these by toasting a piece of bread, then putting some butter and jelly or jam on it, and using a FunBites sandwich cutter. Pretty simple to put together, yet it packs in so many good nutrients!

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