Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kindergarten School Lunch #3

For this lunch I made a couple of fun shaped sandwiches, paired them with some nutrient packed sides, and an Honest Kid's Organic Appley Ever After juice. For details look below, and for my previous school lunch posts look here.

For the sandwiches:
1. Grab the bread and fillings you would like to use for your kiddos sandwich
2. Lightly toast the slices of bread, that way they'll be a bit easier to work with spreads and cutters (I only do this when I'm using spreads, not when I'm making a sandwich with cheese/meats)
3. Spread on your sandwich fillings/assemble the sandwich
4. Use a sandwich cutter to make the shape you desire, I made a couple of elephants using this one

For the fruit salad:
1. Grab some fruits your kiddo likes. I used strawberries and kiwis, but the options for this are endless, and you can use much more than just two fruits. You could add: grapes, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, etc. Sprinkling some wheat germ on fruit also gives it an added nutritional boost, so feel free to do that if your little one likes it. We ran out and I need to get some more, my daughter has always especially liked it on peaches!
2. Slice/dice them up into appropriate sized pieces
3. Put them all in a container together and mix them up a bit

For the avocado I just cut some of one up that I was eating in the morning and added it in the lunch box. See, I told you I like to keep it simple! Then for the drink as I said I added in a pouch of apple juice, Honest Kids Organic Appley Ever After.

A big part of how I make my lunches so cute for my daughter are the products that I use to package them. Containers with smiling animal faces on them, cute food picks, cloth napkins with favorite characters, fun utensils, etc. So I always give a picture of the lunch with the lids off, and the lids on. I also always pack a note in my daughter's lunch box, helping her practice her reading skills in a fun way and giving her a little message to make her day at the same time. Sometimes those aren't pictured because I put them in the top pocket with the ice packs, but don't forget it's a great idea to do!

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