Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kindergarten School Lunch #1

School is back in session, so I'm back with lots of lunch inspo for ya! I try to make lunches that are fun and will make my little one smile during the day when she opens her lunch box. I also try to keep them healthy, with food to fuel her up for her day. And most importantly for a lot of busy moms out there, I try to keep them relatively simple to put together. Sometimes I'll do something that I prep the night before, but mostly I use a lot of sandwich cutters, and food picks to quickly add cuteness.

For this lunch I packed:
- a sandwich container with a sandwich cut into puzzle pieces. You can make a sandwich like this using this cutter. Of course make the sandwich with whatever your child likes/is allowed at their school. I used Sunbutter, and some Marionberry jam.
- watermelon, cut up into pieces
- an Uncle Matt's organic orange juice
- a simple salad (just lettuce and cheese) in one container, and some dressing (raspberry vinaigrette) for it in separate dip/dressing container. I like using the dip/dressing container with dressings for a couple reasons. For one that way the lettuce isn't just sitting with the dressing on it for hours getting soggy, and for two it gives my little girl some responsibility and fun putting her dressing on.

I also packed a cloth napkin, it's a good touch for in case they need to wipe their little fingers or mouths. It's a bonus if it's in a cute pattern or has a favorite character on it. Also packed a fork, ice packs to keep the food cold, and a little note from me to make her smile. With young kids it's great to give them something they can read or recognize most of the words in, the more practice the better and the message will make them happy!

As you can see I also like to use cute containers!

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