Sunday, February 22, 2015

Puppy Love Valentine's Party for Kids

Hosting parties with my daughter makes me so happy! She loves having her friends come over and enjoy everything we've planned with them! We like our parties to be a bit unique though, so we didn't just have a Valentine's party, we had a Puppy Love Valentine's Party! I chose this theme because when little kids have crushes it's always referred to as "puppy love" and there's so many cute puppy love ideas for a party!

This was the invitation. The Valentine dog stickers from Dollar Tree were perfect for our invites. I liked how I worded things and thought someone else might like to use the same!

First, we have the table all set up. I put a Dollar Tree Valentine table cloth on, and had a centerpiece of a clear vase with artificial pink and red roses that had sparkly hearts with them, and a Valentine balloon on a stick from the grocery store.

At each place setting I put a Valentine heart napkin, paper plate, cup, and heart straw (all found at Dollar Tree). There was also everything needed for the craft we'd be making, a puppy ear headband I made, and on each plate was a personalized collar necklace I made for each of the kids.

To make the personalized dog bone collar necklaces I drew some bones that resembled hearts at their sides on poster board with a sharpie, then I cut them out and punched two holes in the top and strung a piece of yarn through them so it would be wearable as a necklace. Then I used the sharpie to write their names on them.

Each chair had a dog balloon I made tied to it

I just pumped up balloons in a few different colors (pink, orange, yellow, and blue). Then I used cloud scissors to cut each of them a pair of ears out of construction paper in corresponding colors, and taped them on. I also used white paper to give them each a pair of eyes and taped them on the double stick way. After that I took the sharpie to give them each a nose, mouth, and eyes. 

Now, for the desserts. I made Puppy Love Brownies, and marshmallow pops. 

Puppy Love Brownies:
- 1 box of brownie mix
- Betty Crocker cupcake icing
- Trader Joes Cookie Butter Cookies
- Sweethearts 
- Red Velvet M&M's
- Enjoy Life chocolate chips
- Vanilla icing
- Heart cookie cutter

Step 1:
Make the brownies according to the directions on the box. Once they are cooled carefully take the entire brownie out of the pan and put it on some wax paper. Then use the heart cookie cutter to make as many hearts as you can.

Step 2:
Use the Betty Crocker cupcake icing with the tip that just looks like a hole to give the puppy his ears. 

Step 3:
Crumble up some of the cookie butter cookies to give the puppy some spots.

Step 4: 
Put the vanilla icing into a ziploc bag and cut a small hole in it to put some dabs on the dog for his eyes, and some in between the heart to attach the tongue (the sweetheart). Once they icing is on use two of the chocolate chips pointy side down onto the icing to give them their eyes. And attach the tongue like I said. 

Step 5:
Put some of the pink icing on for the nose and attach the burgundy colored red velvet M&M to it.

Marshmallow Pops:
- Jumbo marshmallows
- Pillsbury hot pink vanilla funfetti icing
- Chocolate sprinkles
- Heart skewers (can be found at Dollar Tree)
- Wax paper to set them on

Step 1:
Put a marshmallow on a skewer.

Step 2:
Ice the marshmallow.

Step 3:
Dip the iced marshmallow in the chocolate sprinkles.

I put all the different things in bowls so I could have them all out and ready to be iced and dipped! 

They need to be sat on wax paper so the icing won't stick and come off.

We also played Bingo for the game, I printed the bingo sheets from here 

My daughter loves playing Bingo. We used heart gems from Dollar Tree for the  markers. As you can see she looked adorable in her puppy ears headband. They were simple to make. I cut the headband part from poster board, and stapled it to fit my daughters head. Then I used different shades of brown craft foam to cut dog ear shapes from and stapled those to the headband as well.

I forgot to take a picture of the prize for winning Bingo, it was just a puppy craft thing where you colored some cardboard puppies and they had little stands you could stand them up with. You could also use a puppy stuffed animal or book for the winners prize.

As for the favors table

For each of the kids I got them a heart shaped box of Russel Stover's chocolates that had dog(s) on the front. So perfect for the theme, I was thrilled! I covered the surface with a bit of the table cloth from the table that I had cut off. Then I put out a pink puppy stuffed animal, a decoration, balloon, some plastic hearts, and a pot of artificial pink roses and hearts. There was also silver wrapped chocolate hearts laying out for them to take/for decoration.

As for the other decor, right next to the favors table I had a chair with a heart blanket on it with all our cute puppy stuffed animals on display, and a heart chalk board that said "Puppy Love"


She insisted her doll be there too!

We also had these adorable Valentine puppy window clings up from Dollar Tree. I bought both the cartoon and the realistic pack. I couldn't decide, both were perfect for the theme.

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