Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pin the Football Game

I made this game for my daughter to play during the football game on Superbowl Sunday a few days ago. You could use it next year for Superbowl Sunday, or for a fun game to play whenever (a sports themed party, a rainy day, etc.)

So, it was really hard to get a picture of her playing the game as she was moving so quickly. But here is her holding her football player she made, standing next to the game after she was finished!

So, I had originally planned to color the poster board to look like a football field myself, and was going to try to make it accurate but that sounded a little challenging. Luckily, my daughter decided she wanted to help me make the poster board. So I let her color the football field green any way she wanted. Perfect! She loved participating in the making of it. Then I wrote the football team's name at the end of the field just like a real end zone would be. I also drew the goalpost with a yellow crayon. Then I taped it up to the wall.

I had prepped the footballs for pinning earlier in the day. I just cut football shapes out of brown paper and then used some white paint to make them look like footballs. They dried while we did other things, and then when it came time to play the game I just put some tape on the backs so they'd stick to the poster board. (We played several times, they went on and off just fine).

You play the game just like any other traditional "pin the...." game. You can use something to cover their eyes, a scarf, a headband, and give them a spin a few feet in front of the poster board.

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