Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Perfect Little Things for an Easter Basket

I love giving things in the Easter basket that are needed anyways and so I'm putting together a helpful list of little things to add into an Easter basket that are very useful and help fill up the space between the bigger items.


1. Crayons are always appreciated. This year my daughter is getting a pack of glitter crayons.

2. A new pack of undies with a favorite character on them!

3. New spring shoes!

4. Socks. My favorite's can be found here 

5. Jewelry! Can also fit in Easter eggs.

6. Any Annie's bunny snacks are perfect anytime of the year, but especially at Easter time! There's a selection of all kinds here 

7. Glitter glue

8. Stickers, stickers, and more stickers! Joann Fabric's has lots of cute packs.

9. Highlighters. My daughter loves to use pink highlighters to do her tracing worksheets because she can see it so much better over lines than anything else.

10. Books. Toys R Us has lots of Easter books, but I like to give the Easter books before Easter so they can be enjoyed leading up to the holiday. Board books for babies/toddleres or Golden books for preschoolers are good choices.

11. Hair accessories, hats, infinity scarves. Justice has super cute scarves for girls, and Gap has cute hats for boys!

12. Chalk. Dollar Tree normally has some chalk in cute Easter shapes around Easter, here they are!

13. A game or gift card for to buy apps for their Leappad or LeapTV.

14. A barbie doll or action figures.

15. Wheelie cars or Hotwheels.

16. Bubbles.

17. A CD.

18. A movie.

19. A new toothbrush. Pillow Pets make cute ones now!

20. A cute toothbrush holder.

21. New sunglasses, Children's Place usually has great ones!

22. Chocolate bunny.

23. Other candy, Reese's eggs/jelly beans, whatever you like to give your kids.

24. Organic lollipops.

25. A watch

26. Homemade play dough. You can make it look like a carrot like this 

27. Light jacket for Spring.

28. Bubble bath.

29. Pajamas.

30. Little People. They now sell Little People with all different jobs for just $2.99 each.

31. Bath toys

32. Cups

33, Utensils

34. Balls. All different kinds for all different ages, I love these for babies 

35. Animal Planet Tubes.

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