Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spring Garden Bath

Spring isn't here yet, but soon enough it will be. So I'm going to share a Spring Garden themed bath with you today!

Now, for this bath I did not use the bath paint I normally make. I just used washable tempera paint to decorate the tub, it washes off so when I'm trying to paint a specific scene with detail I use that instead because it's easier to use than the shaving cream kind.

So, I used blue to paint the little bit at the top to make it look kind of like a sky, orange and red for the butterfly, bright green, yellow, pink, and purple for the flowers.

I made the water green with neon green food coloring to make it look like grass.

To the side of the tub for bath time play and to make the bath come to life I added some artificial flowers, plastic flower pots, and a couple shovels. The flowers and pots can be purchased at Dollar Tree, and the shovels came with her sandbox.

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