Monday, July 27, 2015

Amelia Earheart for Preschoolers

Amelia Earthart day was on July 24th, and in honor of that I did a lesson on Amelia Earthart for my daughter. First, we went to the library's biography section to look for books we could find on Amelia Earhart, we checked out three but this one was definitely my favorite for my daughter/the preschool age group: 
It's the National Geographic Kids Amelia Earhart book. It was very to the point and factual, while remaining easy to follow along with and captivating. It holds attention and helps kids listen to and learn those facts they otherwise might not care to. I thought it was the perfect book for teaching preschoolers about/introducing preschoolers to Amelia Earthart.

We didn't just get books about Amelia Earhart though, I also asked the librarian if they had any biographies on other female pilots and she gave me a few names and we checked those out as well. I set them all out on the table how we would for a book club.

The books we got about other female pilots were "Brave Harriet" about Harriet Quimby, "Flying Solo" about Ruth Elder, and "Daredevil" about Betty Skelton.

We used these books, this day, and the example of Amelia Earhart as an opportunity to talk about how women haven't always had equal opportunities when it comes to people giving them jobs or believing they could do whatever they set their minds too. We talked about how she can grow up to be whatever she wants to be, and how so many women (we're also talking about Marie Curie for our scientist of the month) paved the way for that by being brave and following their dreams.

To follow this up you can also make a airplane craft! There's many options for kits on line, or you can just make paper airplanes, draw airplanes, print pictures out to color, etc.

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