Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lions at Lunchtime Magic Tree House Themed Bath

My daughter loves the Magic Tree House book series and sometimes we do a bath based on one of the books after we read it. This bath in particular was themed on book #11 Lions at Lunchtime.

There's lions, zebras, giraffes, and wildebeests mentioned in the book and my daughter knew we didn't have any wildebeest toys so she asked me to paint one, so I did my best with washable black tempera paint on the wall. I'm not artist, but she liked it! I also used the black washable tempera paint to put "Lions at Lunchtime" on the wall. Then after painting all that I decided to paint some little lions on the wall too with some brown washable tempera paint and just some grass with green washable tempera paint.

The very first thing I did though was tape up the zebra print crepe paper to the wall, high enough up so it wouldn't get wet cause that stuff gets messy when wet! It's purely decoration!

After all the crepe paper was up there and I was done painting on the wall I started to fill up the tub. Once it was half way full I added several drops of neon green food coloring to the water and mixed it in to color the water, adding more until I got the color I wanted.

Then I set up everything else we'd need for this Lions at Lunchtime book themed bath. For bath paint I made "Jack's Peanut Butter Bath Paint"

In the book Jack has peanut butter with him and it comes in handy! So that's why I chose to make this fun bath paint, it also ended up providing my daughter with a great idea for pretend play in the bath. She painted a peanut butter and honey sandwich on the wall, and made peanut butter and honey smoothies for her bath baby doll with plastic princess cups. Speaking of the honey, it's also in the first picture in the little dish. Honey is important in the book because it is the answer to the riddle they were trying to solve. I put just a bit of honey is a dish (I would have put more, but we're almost out and need it for Teddy Bear Picnic Day sandwiches the 10th) so she could get some sensory play with it in the bath and experience all the messy stickiness all she wanted since that isn't something she can normally do.

There's also obviously some toy animals and a tree sitting there that added to the theme as well!

All in all this has been one of my favorite themed baths lately and it really brought the book to life, and like I said provided good pretend play opportunities for my daughter!

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