Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids

Here's a quick post on some ideas for what to put in your kids jack-o-lantern bucket for Halloween. I love giving my daughter little presents so I of course do on Halloween as I'm sure many of you do as well.

1. You could go with the obvious and give them some candy or sweet Halloween treats. They're going to get a ton of candy on Halloween already so I don't give a lot of that but this year I did grab some of her seasonal favorites for her bag that won't be available in stores much longer, like the candy corn Hershey's bar. And another treat that I knew would make her so happy, she loved Peeps this year at Easter time so I got a little pack of ghosts and a little pack of grave stones.

2. Halloween books

3. Grab & Go Halloween coloring packs, like this one . They have them for many characters and are at most grocery stores/Targets/etc.

4. Halloween coloring books. They often will sell small ones that would fit good into a jack-o-lantern bucket.

5. Halloween stickers. 

6. Maybe your child is in need of some new accessories, like a scarf for the cold months or some new hair bows. Those could easily be stuck in a jack-o-lantern bucket. Even tights, socks, etc. You can stay with the Halloween theme and get some in black/orange colors or Halloween patterns or not.

7. Halloween/fall themed dishes. I am obsessed with buying seasonal plates/cups/utensils/place mats at Target. A cup can easily be stuck in a jack-o-lantern bucket.

8. Little stuffed animals (Halloween themed or not)

9. I always get one of the little Halloween Barbies for my daughter's jack-o-lantern bucket.

10. Something that has to do with their costume. One year I gave my daughter a Lalaloopsy t-shirt because she was being one for Halloween. You could do something similar for lots of other character costumes. Shirts, underwear, all sorts of things.

11. Halloween finds from the dollar store. They have tons of little cute things for Halloween, my daughter loves the packs of holiday erasers at Dollar Tree.

12. Other Halloween themed snacks that aren't candy. Lots of stores will carry stuff like that. We've found cheese puffs in bags with Minnie & Mickey dressed up for Halloween on them. You could get some Halloween cookies and put a few in a bag for the jack-o-lantern bucket.

13. Glow bracelets to keep them safe and seen by drivers when out trick or treating.

14. Spider rings.

15. I like to keep it Halloween themed, but if you don't the options really are endless as long as it'll fit inside your jack-o-lantern bucket. Crayons, bubbles, bracelets, bouncy balls, etc.

These pictures are from  a couple years ago, all the ones from her last years basket turned out pretty blurry and she hasn't gotten hers yet this year because I give it to her Halloween morning.

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