Friday, October 2, 2015

Monster Juice Boxes

Last year for our Halloween party we decorated juice boxes to look like monsters. Here's how they turned out!

We used lemonade juice boxes from Trader Joe's but you can use any kind of juice boxes your children or party guests will enjoy.

First you have to remove the straws from the backs and make sure you put them somewhere you won't forget so you can serve them with the straws at the party, or just for fun if you're doing this for just your own children.

Now you'll need:
- construction paper, I used a different color for each so nobody got their drinks mixed up and for presentation
- scissors
- glue
- googly eyes, large and small
- a black Sharpie
- clear tape
- pipe cleaners

1. Cut the construction paper down to the correct size to wrap around the juice box, then tape it together in the back.
2. Plan how you want to do the eyes and then glue them on.
3. Draw their mouths on with the Sharpie.
4. Cut the pipe cleaners down to size for their arms and bend them any way you'd like then tape them to the sides of the juice box.
5. Enjoy your monster juice boxes!

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