Monday, October 5, 2015

Have a Great Educational Fire Safety Week

October 4th through the 10th is Fire Safety Week! With the ideas from this post you and your kids are sure you have a fun and informative week learning about fire safety.

First I like to put up a word wall when we do a "theme" or "unit" in our home school, and we always do our fire safety theme during fire safety week. 
I have "Fire Safety Week" on orange paper as the title and then the other labels in orange as well: "signs, use, and do" as in signs of the fire, what firemen use and what firemen do. There's the "fireman" word that I have up there that I printed from a community helpers word wall download. Then all the yellows are what goes with each label. For signs we have fire, alarm, and smoke. For use we have hat, water, hose, fire engine, ladder, hydrant, extinguisher. For do we have put out, and save.

We checked out some great books for this week from the library, fiction and nonfiction:
-  At the Firehouse by Anne Rockwell
- Fire Safety by Lucia Raatma
- Firefighter Frank by Monica Wellington
- Firetrucks by Peter Brady

The book about Fire Safety is a really great one full of tips to get discussions going with your kids about how you guys can avoid fires in your home, and what to do if there is a fire. This sets the stage to practice fire drills in your home, and the stop, drop and roll.

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There are many more exciting things to do for Fire Safety Week than just have a word wall and read books though. Here is a firefighter sensory bin we have done in the past

One of the very best things you can do is tour a fire station. Call your local fire station and ask if you can arrange a tour for your kids, or make it a group thing and go with a group of parents and children. The tour we went on the firemen were really good with the kids and the tour was informative and fun, then they gave all the kids firefighter hats and coloring books. You can even bake cookies with your kids to bring them to the firemen.


Other things to do:
- Shape Firetrucks from Things to Share and Remember, we've made these before!
- Make a firefighter craft from Moms Town Toronto
- Do a fire safety smoke crawl and play some games too like Lalymom 
- Do this F is for Fire craft from I Can Teach My Child 

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