Thursday, April 3, 2014

Firefighter Sensory Bin

This bin, just like our Policeman Sensory Bin is a great addition to a Community Helpers Theme for home school tot school or preschool. I have a little girl who really enjoyed this bin, and I'm sure many boys and other girls would love it to.

The base material for this bin is pinkish/red epsom salt. The only thing that mattered about it for the bin was the color. I got ours from the Dollar Tree and it was peony scented, no big deal to us, but if you want all aspects to stick with the theme you can dye your own plain epsom salt the color you desire, or even dye white rice red.

I added our uppercase and lowercase homemade Montessori style letter cards to the bin. I also added a magnetic letter F, a big flame I made from craft foam, scissors and tape, and some little firemen figures. You can get the figures at the Dollar Tree, as well as the craft foam that I used. I just cut flame shapes out in red, orange and yellow, making each layer smaller and then taped them to each other. I think it turned out really cute and my daughter loved it.

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